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Sally Corbin and Gary Corbin established Union Services Agency in 1996 to exclusively serve the insurance needs of labor unions. They are committed to bringing union proud professional services to all of their clients, large or small.


They also work with insurance carriers to help them understand the unique risks of unions and the trade union movement as a whole so that insurance coverage will meet all of your union insurance requirements.


Not only are Sally and Gary union proud insurance professionals, they have also demonstrated a lifetime of public and private support for the trade union movement.

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Sally Corbin, a Cooley Law School graduate, is dedicated to protecting unions through Union Services Agency. Her father, Gary Corbin, championed union concerns while serving twelve years in the Michigan Senate, four years as Chief Deputy Director of the Michigan Department of Labor, and as Chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party, a distinguished two decades of public service.


Union Services Agency is committed to being at the forefront of advancing the labor movement. In 2013, Sally had the foresight to establish USA Digital Media Services, bringing our union clients cutting-edge websites and digital marketing services. Communication has always been crucial to unions and we are dedicated to making them vanguards in the field of digital communication.


Union Services Agency’s loyal union client base has allowed Sally and Gary to expand their professional insurance services into many states beyond Michigan. Sally and Gary’s hard work, professional services and dedicated belief in trade unionism makes Union Services Agency the place for all of your union’s unique needs.